The Artist Not in Residence

The Artist Not In Residence

Real time connection with professional artists and arts & cultural organisations online.

The artist is in their theatre/gallery/museum/studio/rehearsal space connecting online with people in their community/learning/work or other setting.

The artist is, in effect, not in residence; but able to excite, engage, demonstrate, share and pass on knowledge and skills as in a physical artist residency.

The Artist Not In Residence uses digital based approaches to enable people to engage with professional artists and arts and cultural organisations. It is an innovative and cost effective way of accessing high quality arts and cultural experiences, delivering learning outcomes and increasing people’s engagement and understanding.

Our Artist Not In Residence work includes:

The Artist Not In Residence programme pioneered at Chalfonts Community College

The Artist Not In Residence project delivered with Modern Art Oxford, The Roald Dahl Museum and Storytelling Centre and Oxford Contemporary Music as part of the Extending Digital Practice programme, commissioned by the Department of Education and Artswork

The Artist Not In Residence Ordinary/Extraordinary real time interactive webinar, based on the Art and Design GCSE exam title and aimed at supporting students with their forthcoming Edexcel exam. We brought contemporary artists and designers together online to discuss their different approaches to the Ordinary/Extraordinary theme. They showed students how they would approach the brief and create ideas - sketching, scribbling, photographing and note making on line.

Click + Create: a partnership with Adobe and the National Society for Education in Art & Design. This programme included a real time interactive Artist Not In Residence webinar for teachers, educators, artists and creative professionals. They were able to connect, share ideas and ask questions live online with two high quality digital artists experienced in education practice. Nick Tandavanitj of and Mark Shufflebottom, a freelance artist and new media designer and lecturer at Bournemouth University.

We profiled the Artist Not In Residence and a range of high quality digital artists at the Spring 2014 Digital Impacts on Art and Design Conference for Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations.

To find out more about how this service could connect you and your setting with a range of professional artists please contact us at

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The Artist Not in Residence concept was developed in partnership with Greg Hodgson at Chalfonts Community College and Vicky Hope Walker, Creative Junction Associate.